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Cirencester Roofers: Every homeowner in Cirencester is going to need the expertise of an experienced roofer at some point in time, regardless if your roof is flat, thatched, tiled, pitched, metal or slated. It may be a minor job like repairing a leaky roof component, or something more significant like replacing the whole roof after a fire or a violent storm. Whichever it happens to be, you'll need to find an experienced roofer to help you with it.

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If your roofing needs include steel cladding, flat roofing, clay and concrete tiling, lead flashings, guttering, soffits and fascias, slate work, bitumen stripping and laying, metal roofing, thatch or weather resistant fibreboard sheeting, you don't need to fret, they can easily be tackled by an expert Cirencester roofing contractor. As all of these diverse components feature their particular foibles and quirks, it requires the superior knowledge of a specialist roofer to completely understand them. This is the reason why it is so important to obtain a suitable Cirencester roofer for work like this.

Any specialist roofer in Cirencester will need to examine your roof before any work can begin. This is important so that they can ascertain whether they are able to provide the best service, and give you the standard of workmanship your roof requires. This roof inspection will reveal if special materials or components are needed, what the style of the roof actually is and if troublesome working conditions are involved. If your roofer doesn't get up onto the roof and take a look, but simply provides you with a hasty estimation from ground level, get someone else.

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You must be alert to specific UK building regulations in respect of rooves. A minimum of 2 days notice must be given to the relevant authorities if more than half of the surface of your roof is being replaced. You will have to abide by this if the planned work is purely for cosmetic purposes, is because of the age of the roof or is due to accidental damage. If you do not provide this you could be fined anything up to £5000, and will still have to fork out to get the roof re-done if it doesn't match the necessary standard.

If you do not need to have repair work done on your roof but simply a cleaning service, you'll still be able to fetch in your local Cirencester roofing company. The mild and normally damp climate which we are exposed to in the UK produces the type of conditions that boosts the production of mould, algae and moss, and it is on your roof where these often flourish. This has an adverse effect on the general look of a roof and may also create problems with rain and damp leaking into your home. Blocked downpipes and rain gutters can also result from these issues and the instant they're discovered need to be rectified.

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Replacing Flat Roofs Cirencester

If your current flat roof is leaking and needs incessant maintenance it may be the right time to consider changing it. While a number of low quality flat roofs were undoubtedly erected in the extension explosion seen in the 1970's and 80's, modern day designs using the latest high-tech materials are a great deal more hard wearing and dependable. Since repairs to flat roofs can rarely be guaranteed to solve the issue, it is usually a better option to just have the complete roof replaced with a brand new one that you can expect to stay sound for twenty years or more. (Tags: Replacement Flat Roofs Cirencester, New Flat Roof Cirencester, Flat Roof Replacement Cirencester)

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For those of you who have got a regular pitched roof on your property in Cirencester, there's a pretty good chance that at some point one or more of your ridge tiles is going to become wobbly and need to be re-bedded. This is seldom due to issues with the ridge tiles themselves but is more to do with the constant weathering of the mortar which holds them in place. Aside from the possibility that loose ridge tiles might allow rainwater or snow to get into your roof space, they can also be dangerous, and might fall to the ground in high winds. You must bring a professional roofing company in to take a look if you have even the smallest suspicion that one of your ridge tiles is loose. Any proper roofing contractor will provide you with a truthful appraisal of the current situation and offer the most cost effective solution to get your roof back into a fit state. In the most extreme case you might need to have all of your ridge tiles lifted and bedded back into position. If there does not appear to be any loose ridge tiles, but you still have a leak, then it might be that one has got a crack in it. To resolve this problem, the broken tile must be prised off and exchanged.

Damaged Roof Tiles

The repair or replacement of defective roof tiles is one of the most common reasons for bringing in a roofing company. There are several things may cause roofing tiles to be damaged, dislodged or broken, including falling trees and windy weather. Following high winds it is always a good idea to check your roof for missing tiles and other sorts of damage. If you see any roof damage then its smart to call on your neighbourhood Cirencester roofing contractor to take a proper look and fix any problems. If left unattended defective roof tiles could lead to even more serious issues inside your property when dampness starts to find its way in, which is likely to be much more expensive than simply swapping a broken tile. Some issues which might need attention include: faulty lead flashings (particularly around chimneys), broken/missing roof tiles, loose ridge tiles, damaged slates or damaged guttering.

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The roof bedding (or cement mortar mix) which keeps your ridge tiles in position has to tolerate the changing weather, and though it should do its job for a number of years there is still a risk of it degrading. The continually changing weather conditions and extremes of high and low temperatures have a huge impact on the ridge tiles and their bedding materials. Ice is the worst adversary and if splits appear in the bedding, and ice crystals form inside these fractures, there will likely be serious troubles in store, with sections of mortar breaking off, possibly producing leaks and loose tiles. Frequent repointing of the bedding mortar will help to maintain the look and durability of your roof ridge, and will in addition help it last and stay weather resistant for a lot longer. If you don't do this you may have to get all of the ridge tiles taken off and re-bedded. A flexible pointing compound that actually moves with temperature changes, is typically used for roofing these days, this helps it to stay sound and free from cracks.

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A bit of a dying trade in recent times, thatching is the ancient craft of constructing a roof out of layers of dried vegetation such as water reed, marram grass, rushes, heather, straw or sedge. The firmly bundled material permits water to run off and in addition offers an effective form of insulation for the rooms underneath. In past times the art of thatching went from father to son and subsequently the business passed through the generations. With advances in modern roofing materials, thatched roofs have slowly disappeared however in rural settings it is still a much favoured form of roofing. Not many would argue that a thatched roof is a lot more eye-catching than a contemporary slate or tile roof and can actually seem like a piece of art. A thatched roof will usually stay sound about 30 years or so, though re-ridging is advised around every 10 years.

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