About Us

Hey, I am Daniel Gray and I welcome you to my website. Surprisingly I'm actually a plasterer by trade but I started creating and designing websites some 12 years ago. Rather an extreme change it might seem however I slipped into it successfully and now it just is "what I do". Even though occasionally I build internet sites just for the fun of it, I do obviously also try to earn a bit of dough from it (to meet the cost of domain names for example). In truth I've found it a fascinating challenge, developing ideas and implementing them.

My site is not dynamic so the content doesn't be constantly moving or take forever to fully load. You definitely won't be instructed to sign up or logon and I guarantee you won't receive any pointless emails or newsletters. You will come across a bit of advertising and promotion on this website, but it is not jammed down your gullet. And you will never ever get those ridiculous pop-ups you simply can't close down.

Basic, easy to use sites will continually be my intent, containing pages that are quick loading and don't incorporate garbage that you don't want or need. I am hopeful that I have accomplished this here or at least you haven't been unhappy with your visit here, maybe you will even have valued the exercise. If so then I have been successful in my goal.

I am not a roofer myself so please do not contact me with any inquiries associated with roofing or for estimates for roofing assignments, this site is made to steer you through the variety of ways to find a good roofer for yourself.

I do not recommend or endorse any specific service, I have purely provided some options for identifying one, the decision is in the end down to you.

it would be good to to see you here again some day soon and thank you yet again for your visit.