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Haverhill Roofers: At some time or other all roofing needs a bit of attention whether it be a leaky thatch, a loose tile, split roofing felt or a damaged slate. All kinds of roofing needs maintaining and repairing over time, so it matters not what kind of roof you have on your dwelling, there will probably always be maintenance work to do in the future. Roofing isn't for the faint hearted and it is not a job you can do yourself if you are an average property owner. Apart from everything else its fairly dangerous to be clambering round on the roof, therefore its much better to hire some expert help in the shape of a qualified roofer. These tradespeople are well accustomed to working high up and have all of the necessary tools and safety equipment to do the work effectively. It is best to work with an established roofing company no matter whether its a complete new roof you need or just a smallish repair, as then you can be confident that everything has been done in the right way. Don't be tempted to use a "handyman" type of service, because while some might be quite good for various jobs, roofing is not one of them.

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Any self-respecting roofing contractor in Haverhill will be able to deal with slate work, weather resistant fibreboard sheets, concrete and clay tiling, lead flashings, metal cladding, flat roofing, bitumen stripping, guttering, soffits and fascias, thatching and corrugated roofing, together with any other roofing needs. It takes a specialist roofer to fully understand all of these materials since each has its own particular quirks and peculiarities. That's the reason why finding the correct Haverhill roofer for this work is so vital.

Previous to any work commencing, an assessment of your roof by an experienced Haverhill roofer will be required. Making sure that you get the required level of craftsmanship is important. Such inspections show them whether tricky areas are involved, if special materials or components are needed and what the shape and layout of your roof is.

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Building regs in the UK make specific conditions when it comes to rooves. No less than forty eight hours notice must be given to the local authorities if more than fifty percent of the surface area of your roof is going to be replaced. This is applicable whether the work is due to accidental damage, is because of the age of the roof or is purely for cosmetic purposes. If you don't do this you could be fined anything up to five thousand pounds, and will still have to pay to get the roof put right if it is not up to the required standard.

Another service that's offered by local Haverhill roofing companies is roof cleaning. The truth is that mould, moss and algae tends to grow quickly on our roofs in Britain due largely to the mild and typically damp climate that we encounter. This can lead to issues with the weatherproofing of your roof, causing leaks, and also make your roof's appearance unsightly. Aside from the roof structure itself, these issues can also cause problems with clogged drains and guttering.

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Flat roofs are an immensely common form of roofing in Haverhill nowadays, especially for extensions, garages and outbuildings. They are generally easier and quicker to construct and are therefore typically a more affordable solution. Flat roofs are safer to access and maintain and scaffolding is rarely needed. Although, on the negative side, flat rooves are more inclined to suffer from a pooling of water which can be responsible for a breakdown of the roof materials, and therefore leak, causing extensive damage to the inside of the property. The materials used in the construction of flat roofing normally have a more limited lifespan, with the consequence that to maintain the roof you'll have to have them replaced every 10 to 15 years to assure the integrity of the roof.

Even flat roofs should have a little bit of an incline to let water to run off, and the minimum slope recommended is 1:40, which is commonly achieved with firring strips to avoid the need for a sloping ceiling inside the structure. If you have decided that a flat roof is ideal for your particular property or project, you'll want to choose a flat roofing specialist in Haverhill to handle the task.

Replacing a Flat Roof Haverhill

If you've got an old and decrepit flat roof in Haverhill which constantly leaks and requires attention, it is probably a good time to see the signs and have that tired roof replaced. While flat roofs have been given some bad press in recent times, the modern ones using the most advanced materials tend to be more durable and reliable than the ones that were put up during the 1970's and 1980's extension boom. Rather than go through costly repairs which are not guaranteed to fix the problem, invest in a brand new flat roof which should last for the next 20 years of so with the minimum of maintenance. (Tags: Roof Replacements Haverhill, Flat Roof Replacement Haverhill)

Loosened or Damaged Roof Tiles

Among the most typical reasons behind hiring a roofer in Haverhill, Suffolk is for repairing or replacing loosened or damaged tiles or slates. Roof components are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions and plenty of things can cause roofing tiles to be dislodged, damaged or broken. Gales and storms are definitely the most common factors behind issues with roof tiles, so it's always sensible to examine your roof (if only visually) following a serious or damaging gale. If you notice any roof damage then its smart to bring in your local Haverhill roof contractor to take a look and take care of any issues. If left untreated broken tiles may bring about even more serious problems on the inside of your property as moisture begins to seep through, which is going to be a lot more expensive than repairing a busted tile. A number of issues that come within the realm of this type of repair could be: missing/broken roof tiles, busted guttering, faulty flashings, dislodged ridge tiles or damaged slates. (Tags: Tile Replacement Haverhill, Roof Tile Repairs Haverhill, Damaged Roof Tiles Haverhill, Wind Damaged Roofs Haverhill)

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The mortar which keeps a roof's ridge tiles in place is called roof bedding, and though this will usually last for many years without much maintenance, it is on the front line when it comes to weather exposure. The tiles on the ridge take the brunt of the continually shifting weather conditions and have to stand up to extreme temperature ranges. Ice is often the worst enemy and should gaps appear in the bedding, and ice forms inside these fractures, there could be big troubles in store, with lumps breaking off, potentially triggering loose tiles and roof leaks. The mortar bedding lasts for longer if it is re-pointed every few years and this will help to preserve the look, durability and performance of your roof. If the mortar bedding is allowed to deteriorate you might need to have all of your ridge tiles lifted and newly bedded. As of late the pointing compound used is flexible and this will move with the weather conditions, helping keep the mortar bedding free of cracks and intact. If you're baffled by which is repointing and which is bedding then the clearest description would be that re-pointing is the additional layer of material that is applied over the bedding, maximizing the seal and stopping water, dirt and dust from getting in.

Most experienced Haverhill roofers will happily help you with soffit boards, sagging roofs, fibreglass roofs, domestic roofing, tiled roofs, stainless steel roofs, roof maintenance, gutter installation, roof repair, roofing felt, lead flashing, chimney covers, gable roofs, thatched roofs, cladding, felt flap roofs, bitumen roofs, lean to roofs, gutter replacement, Velux skylights, roof building, roof refurbishment, rubber roofs, loft conversions, dislodged ridges, roof fascias, roof windows, chimney repointing, extension roofing, roof construction, cracked gutters, sloped roofing, chimney demolition, roof installation, mansard roofs, leaking roofs, ridge tiles, roof battening and other roofing related work in Haverhill, Suffolk.

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