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Portslade Roofers: Every property owner in Portslade is going to need the expertise of an experienced roofer at some time or other, regardless of whether your roof is slated, thatched, flat, tiled, metal or pitched. It could be something like repairing a leak, up to replacing your entire roof after a severe storm or other disaster. Whichever it happens to be, you will need to locate a competent roofer to help you.

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All of your roofing requirements can be undertaken by a professional Portslade roofing contractor including thatching, flat roofing, clay and concrete tiling, bitumen stripping, lead flashings, steel cladding, sheet roofing, slating work, guttering, soffits and fascias and waterproof fibreboard sheeting. Only a specialist roofer is able to understand all the special idiosyncracies and quirks of these different components. This is why it is so critical to obtain a suitable Portslade roofer for this task.

An assessment of your roof by a professional roofer will be needed before any work begins. Making certain that you get the appropriate standard of craftsmanship is crucial. This roof inspection will reveal what the layout of the roof actually is, if different components or materials are needed and whether troublesome working areas are involved. Estimations done from down on the ground aren't appropriate if you want a proper job carried out, therefore make sure they actually get up on your roof and take a good look before they make a judgement.

Roofers Portslade

Building regs in Britain make specific conditions when it comes to rooves. Not less than two days notice has to be given to the relevant local authorities if more than 50% of the surface of the roof is going to be replaced. You need to abide by this if the proposed work is on account of the age of the roof, is purely for cosmetic purposes or is due to accidental damage. As much as five thousand pound plus costs is the fine for not following this rule.

If the roof on your home or business premises needs cleaning a local Portslade roofing company will be able to help with that also. Regrettably the accumulation of mould, moss and algae on roofs is quite widespread in Britain, where the temperate and principally wet climate presents favourable growing conditions. This has an adverse impact on the appearance of a roof and can also lead to problems with rain and damp leaking into your home. Clogged drains and rain gutters can also result from these problems and when they're spotted must be rectified.

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Replacing a Flat Roof Portslade

You'll know that your flat roof needs resealing or replacing if it is continually leaking and in need of constant repairs. Whilst flat roofs have been given a great deal of bad press over the years, the modern ones using the latest materials are considerably more durable and reliable than those which were put up during the 1970's and 80's extension boom. Because repairs to flat roofing can hardly ever be absolutely guaranteed to address the problem, it is sometimes a better option to simply get the whole roof exchanged for a brand new one that you can reasonably expect to give good service for the next 20 years or so.

Ridge Tiles Portslade

One of the most widespread reasons for requiring roof repairs is when ridge tiles become loosened. Continuous exposure to rain and frost causes the bedding mortar to deteriorate and at some point fail. Loosened ridge tiles might be dangerous, particularly in windy weather and could also be a source of water leaks into your roof space. You ought to get a certified roofing company in to do an inspection if you have even the smallest suspicion that one of your ridge tiles is loose. Needless to say what you really need is a candid evaluation of the situation, for that reason you need to use a reputable roofing contractor. If the situation is really bad you might have to get all your ridge tiles removed and re-bedded into position. If your roof is leaking but there's no evidence of tiles coming loose, it might simply be a cracked ridge tile. This can easily be taken off and replaced with a fresh one.

Damaged Roof Tiles

The replacement or repair of broken roof tiles is a common reason for bringing in a roofing company. There are many things may cause roofing tiles to get dislodged, damaged or broken, including falling trees and windy weather. After stormy weather it is sensible to check your roof for loosened tiles and other sorts of damage. You really should have any problems that you spot repaired right away, by bringing in your local Portslade roofer. When left unattended defective tiles can lead to even more serious issues on the inside of your house as moisture begins to seep through, and that's going to be far more costly than simply changing a damaged roof tile. Some issues which come in the scope of this sort of repair could be: cracked slates, faulty flashings (especially around chimneys), damaged guttering, missing/broken tiles or dislodged ridge tiles.

Roof Repointing Portslade

The ridge tiles of a sloping (pitched) roof are held in place with a cement based mortar generally known as roof bedding, and although it has to withstand the weather it still ought to stay sound several years without much maintenance. The ridge tiles and their bedding mortar undergo the hot and cold temperatures and also take the full brunt of the constantly changing climatic conditions. One of the main factors behind damage and cracks to the roof bedding is ice. When this forms in small cracks in the mortar joints, it will usually lead to bigger fissures and lumps falling off. In order to maintain the longevity and appearance of your roof, it is sensible to get the roof bedding re-pointed every 10 years or so. When the mortar degrades you may have to get all of your ridge tiles removed and newly bedded. A flexible pointing compound that basically moves with temperature changes, is typically used on roofs as of late, this helps it to stay sound and free of cracks. For anybody who's uncertain about exactly what is repointing and what is bedding, the simplest way to describe it would be to say that repointing is the extra layer that is applied on top of the bedding mortar, improving the seal and stopping the ingress of water, dust and dirt.

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Roof Thatchers Portslade

Something of a declining profession in recent times, thatching is the old craft of constructing roofs out of dried vegetation for example sedge, Norfolk reed, rushes, marram grass, heather or straw. The material is densely bundled to create a watertight layer and offer a decent degree of insulation. Thatching is one of those trades that's as a rule passed down the generations. A mix of the high cost and the shortage of artisans to complete the work has led to a decline in thatched roofs, however they are still favoured in many rural settings. Not many would argue the fact that a thatched roof is more attractive than a modern slate or tile roof and can actually seem like a work of art. While an expertly built thatched roof can typically last for around 30-35 years, it needs to be re-ridged every ten years because it is this region that receives more wear.

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