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Cheltenham Roofers: At some time all rooves need attention no matter whether it's a leaking thatch, damaged roofing felt, a damaged slate or a wobbly tile. All types of roofing needs repairing and maintaining over time, so it doesn't matter which kind of roof you've got on your house, there will always be work that needs doing in due course. Roofing is not for the faint hearted and it's not a task you can do yourself if you're the average property owner. Aside from everything else it is fairly hazardous to be climbing around on the roof, therefore its a good idea to call in some specialist help namely a skilled roofer. These tradesmen are accustomed to working at considerable height and have got all the required tools and safety equipment to do the task correctly. It is best to hire a qualified professional roofing company whether it's an entire new roof you need or just a small repair, as you can then be certain that the task has been undertaken in the right way. Some property owners may be tempted to use a handyman for this type of work, but a professional roofing contractor is obviously the most preferred craftsman for work like this.

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All of your roofing requirements can be tackled by an expert Cheltenham roofing contractor including lead flashings, metal cladding, concrete and clay tiling, slating work, weatherproof fibreboard sheets, flat roofing, guttering, soffits and fascias, metal roofing, bitumen stripping and laying and thatch. Only a specialist roofer is able to understand all the special foibles and quirks of these diverse components. This is the reason why it's so vital to hire the correct Cheltenham roofer for this task.

Prior to any work beginning, a thorough inspection of your roof by an experienced Cheltenham roofer will be required. This is important so that they can ascertain whether they're able to provide the best service, and give you the standard of workmanship that your roof demands. This on-site inspection will show what the layout and shape of your roof is, whether troublesome working locations are involved and what materials are required. If your roofer doesn't climb up onto the roof and have a proper look, but simply does a preliminary guesstimate from ground level, get a different roofer.

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Building work on pre-existing rooves is addressed by specific building regs in the United Kingdom. If over fifty percent of the roof is being replaced you have to give the local council at least 48 hours notice. This applies regardless if the work to be carried out is because of the age of the roof, is due to accidental damage or is purely for cosmetic purposes. As much as 5k plus added costs is the penalty for not abiding by this rule.

Another useful service which is provided by local Cheltenham roofing companies is roof cleaning. The fact is that algae, mould and moss tends to grow quickly on roof surfaces in the United Kingdom owing principally to the temperate and principally moist climatic conditions that we witness. This doesn't only spoil the appearance of your roof but may also result in drips and leaks when the weatherproofing of the roof is adversely affected. These types of issues could also result in drains and gutters getting blocked, so you need to keep a watchful eye on them and get them sorted straight away.

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Flat Roofs Cheltenham

For Cheltenham properties these days, a popular style of roof, especially for outbuildings, garages and extensions is the flat roof. They're quicker and easier to put in place and are therefore often a less costly option. Flat roofs are safer to gain access to and maintain and scaffolding is rarely required. On the other hand, the materials employed in flat rooves have a tendency to break down as a result of the higher probability of water sitting on level surfaces, so they have to be properly maintained. As the materials covering flat rooves typically have a somewhat limited life expectancy, to guarantee the integrity of the roof, they should be replaced about every ten to fifteen years or so.

"Firring" strips are typically used to produce the minimum suggested 1:40 pitch on a flat roof. This permits the inside of the ceiling to remain level, and rain water can run off of the roof surface. If it's a flat roof that you deduce is perfect for your requirements, you'll have to track down a dependable Cheltenham flat roof contractor whom you can rely on to carry out the project. (Tags: Flat Roofing, Flat Roofers Cheltenham, Flat Roof)

Replacing Flat Roofs Cheltenham

You'll realize that your flat roof needs replacing if it is always leaking and needing regular repairs. Whilst flat rooves have received a great deal of bad press over the years, the contemporary ones built with 21st century materials are much more reliable and long lasting than the ones that were built during the 1970's and 80's extension boom. Given that repairs to flat roofing can rarely be absolutely guaranteed to solve the problem, it's often a better option to just have the complete roof replaced with a brand new one that should give good service for 20 years or more. (Tags: New Flat Roof, Flat Roof Replacement, Replacement Flat Roofs)

Ridge Tile Replacement Cheltenham

Unfortunately ridge tiles can sometimes become loose, and as a result this is among the most widespread reasons behind requiring roof repairs. This is hardly ever due to an issue with the tiles themselves but is a result of the weathering of the mortar that holds them in place. Aside from the fact that loosened ridge tiles can allow water or snow to seep into your roof space, they are also dangerous, and could fall to the ground when it's windy. The very first step that you need to take if you believe that one of your ridge tiles is loose is to bring in a certified roofer to inspect it. Any experienced roofer worth his salt will supply you with an honest assessment of the current situation and offer the most cost effective solution to get your roof back into a fit state. In cases of serious deterioration it might even be necessary to take off all of the ridge tiles and get them accurately re-bedded. If your roof is leaking however there's no evidence of tiles coming loose, it might simply be a cracked ridge tile. This can soon be removed and exchanged for a new one. (Tags: Ridge Tiles Cheltenham, Ridge Tile Repairs Cheltenham, Ridge Tile Replacement Cheltenham)

Loosened or Damaged Roof Tiles

The replacement or repair of broken roof tiles is a common reason for fetching in a roofer. Rooves are put through all kinds of extreme weather conditions and many factors might cause roof tiles to get damaged, dislodged or broken. It often pays to inspect your roof following high winds to make sure that all your tiles are still in place. You should have any damage that you see fixed right away, by calling in your local roofing company. It is going to be less costly to repair a broken tile or two now, than to tackle the water damage resulting from a leaky roof if you leave it unresolved. Some of the issues which may require attention include: cracked slates, missing/broken roof tiles, busted guttering, faulty lead flashings or dislodged ridge tiles.

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The traditional craft of building a roof out of layers of dried vegetation such as sedge, rushes, reeds, marram grass, heather or straw is called thatching, and it is a bit of a dying trade nowadays. A waterproof barrier with decent insulating attributes is provided by the close packing of the thatching materials. Thatching is recognised as one of those professions that's customarily passed from generation to generation. While still fairly widespread in rural villages, thatched roofs have declined generally, because of high costs and a lack of skilled artisans to do the work. A completed thatched roof can seem like something of a work of art, and few people would argue that a thatched roof is much more eye-catching than most of the alternatives. A thatched roof should generally do its job for around thirty years, although re-ridging is necessary every 10 years. (Tags: Roof Thatcher Cheltenham, Thatched Roof Cheltenham, Roof Thatchers Gloucestershire, Roof Thatching, Thatched Roofing Cheltenham)

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