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Christchurch Roofers: Every homeowner in Christchurch is going to need the expertise of a qualified roofer sooner or later, regardless of whether your roof is tiled, thatched, flat, pitched, metal or slated. It may be a minor task like repairing a leaking roof component, or something major like replacing the complete roof after a fire or a damaging storm. In either situation, you're going to need a professional roofer to sort it out.

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All of your roofing requirements can be tackled by an expert Christchurch roofing contractor including weather resistant fibreboard sheeting, clay and concrete tiling, slate work, sheet roofing, bitumen laying and stripping, metal cladding, lead flashings, thatch, flat roofing and guttering, soffits and fascias. It takes a specialist roofer to understand all of these materials since each one has its own particular idiosyncracies and quirks. That's why employing a suitable Christchurch roofer for this task is so crucial.

Any specialist roofer in Christchurch will insist on having a good look at your roof before any actual work can start. The idea of this is to make sure that the appropriate standard of workmanship and service can be delivered. Such inspections show them whether difficult areas are involved, what materials are required and what the style of the roof is.

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Construction work on existing rooves is addressed by specific building regulations in Britain. The local council must be given a minimum of 48 hrs notice if you're replacing over a half your roof's surface area. It does not matter if this work is for cosmetic purposes, is on account of the age of the roof or is due to accidental damage. Failure to do this may result in a five thousand pound fine for the homeowner.

If the roof of your house or business only needs a good clean your local Christchurch roofing company will be glad to help with that as well. The truth is that algae, moss and mould has a tendency to grow quickly on our roofs in the UK due principally to the mild and mainly damp climate that we encounter. This has a detrimental effect on the look or your roof and may also cause problems with damp and rain leaking into your home. Clogged guttering and downpipes can also be caused by these problems and as soon as they are discovered should be rectified.

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