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Oswestry Roofers: At some time or another all rooves need a bit of attention whether it's a damaged slate, a dripping thatch, a wobbly tile or damaged roofing felt. All types of roofing needs to be maintained and repaired over the years, so it matters not what kind of roof you have on your house, there will always be repair work that needs doing eventually. Now roofing isn't for those of a nervous temperament and it's not a task that you can do by yourself if you are an average property owner. Besides everything else it is quite hazardous to be clambering round on your roof, therefore it's best to bring in some professional help in the form of a certified roofing contractor. These tradesmen are well accustomed to working high up and will have all the required equipment and tools to complete the process properly. You'll want to work with an expert roofing company whether it's a minor repair you need or a whole new roof, as you can then be assured that the job has been done to a high standard. While handyman style services are fine for some household projects, roofing work generally isn't one of them, therefore when you have problems with your home's roof, the roofing experts are the best tradesmen to bring in.

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Just about any self-respecting roofing specialist in Oswestry will be able to deal with clay and concrete tiling, lead flashings, thatching, guttering, fascias and soffits, metal, flat roofing, slating work, weather resistant fibreboard sheeting, cladding and bitumen laying and stripping, in addition to various other roofing needs. It takes the experience of a specialist roofer to fully understand all these materials because each one has its own specific quirks and foibles. This is the reason why it's so critical to find a suitable Oswestry roofer for work like this.

A thorough inspection of your roof by a qualified roofer will be required before any work begins. The idea of this is to make sure that level of service and craftsmanship can be delivered. From this procedure they are able to find out whether awkward working locations are involved, what the style of your roof actually is and if different components or materials are needed. If your roofer doesn't climb up on the roof and take a look, but simply works out a preliminary calculation from down on the ground, get a different roofer.

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Work on existing rooves is addressed by specific building regs in the British Isles. If more than half your roof is being replaced you have to give the local authorities no less than 48 hours notice. You will need to abide by this if the proposed work is due to accidental damage, is on account of the age of the roof or is for cosmetic purposes. If fail to do this you may be fined up to £5000, and still have to pay to get your roof re-done if it happens to be not up to the required standard.

An additional worthwhile service which is offered by local Oswestry roofing companies is roof cleaning. The temperate and typically damp climatic conditions which we are exposed to throughout Britain creates the type of conditions which stimulates the production of algae, mould and moss, and your roof is where these tend to flourish. This has an undesirable impact on the appearance of your roof and can also cause issues with damp and rain leaking into your property. Blocked downpipes and guttering can also be caused by these issues and when they're noticed should be rectified.

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Replacing a Flat Roof Oswestry

If you find that your existing flat roof leaks and demands constant attention it may be the perfect time to think about changing it. Though some bad quality flat roofs were without doubt built in the extension boom of the 70s and 80s, modern day versions using high-tech materials are a whole lot more reliable and long lasting. Since repairs to flat roofs can seldom be absolutely guaranteed to address the issue, it is sometimes a better option to simply get the entire roof exchanged for a new one that you can reasonably expect to stay sound for twenty years or more. (Tags: Replacement Flat Roofs, Flat Roof Replacement, New Flat Roof)

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If you've got a sloping roof on your house in Oswestry, there's a pretty good chance that in due course at least one of your roof's ridge tiles will become wobbly and will need to be repaired. This is rarely because of an issue with the ridge tiles themselves but is more to do with the constant weathering of the mortar that holds them in position. Besides the fact that loose ridge tiles may allow water or snow to get into your roof space, they can also be dangerous, as they can fly off when it's windy. You must get a professional roofing company in to do an inspection if you've got even the slightest suspicion that one of your ridge tiles is loose. Any decent roofing contractor will supply you with a true appraisal of the situation and suggest the most suitable resolution to get your roof back into a fit state. If the predicament with your roof is extremely bad, it might be advisable to remove and re-bed all your ridge tiles. If there doesn't appear to be any loose ridge tiles, but you still have a leak, it could be that one of them has got a crack in it. To solve this problem, the cracked tile will need to be prised off and exchanged.

Damaged Roof Tiles Oswestry

Certainly one of the most common reasons behind calling in a roofing contractor in Oswestry is for replacing or repairing broken or damaged slates or tiles. Roofs can get damaged in several ways, the most frequent being extreme weather and falling tree branches. It generally pays to inspect your roof after windy weather to make sure that all your roof's tiles are still in place. If you see any roof damage then it would be smart to call in your local Oswestry roofer to check it out and deal with any problems. It is going to be much more expensive to mend damage resulting from a leaking roof in the future than to get those broken tiles replaced right now. The types of repairs which might be needed include: faulty flashings, missing/broken roof tiles, loosened ridge tiles, cracked slates or damaged gutters. (Tags: Roof Tile Replacement, Damaged Tiles, Tile Repairs, Storm Damaged Roofs)

Roof Repointing and Pointing Oswestry

The ridge tiles of a sloping (pitched) roof are held in position with a cement based mortar mix known as roof bedding, and although it has to endure the weather it should still stay sound several years without needing a lot of maintenance. The continually changing weather conditions and extremes of hot and cold temperatures have a massive impact on the ridge tiles and their associated bedding mortar. One of the main causes of cracks and damage to the bedding mortar is ice. When this forms in small gaps in the mortar, it may result in bigger fissures and pieces falling off. Regular re-pointing of the bedding mortar will preserve the look and longevity of your roof ridge, and will in addition make it last and stay sound for much longer. If the bedding deteriorates you may have to get all the ridge tiles removed and newly bedded. As of late a flexible pointing substance is generally used and this will move with the weather conditions, helping to keep the mortar bedding intact and free of cracks.

Thatched Roofing Oswestry

Roof Thatchers Oswestry

An ancient craft that has largely died out in recent times, thatching is the process by which roofs are created from layers of dried vegetation like heather, reed, sedge, rushes, marram grass or straw. The densely bundled material enables rain water to run off and additionally provides an effective form of insulation for the space underneath. In earlier times the craft of thatching was passed from father to son and subsequently the family business passed down the generations. With the advent of modern, cutting edge roof materials, thatched roofs have slowly disappeared however in rural settings it's still a favourite style of roofing. Few would dispute that a thatched roof is far more eye-catching than a slate or tile roof and can actually seem like a piece of art. A thatched roof should normally do its job for about 30 years, although re-ridging is normally necessary around every ten years.

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