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St Helens Roofers: Whether you like it or not, as a property owner in St Helens you are going to need the expertise of a qualified roofer sooner or later. It matters not if your roof happens to be flat, sloped, thatched, slated, metal or tiled. It may be a minor job like the repair of a leaking roof component, or something more significant like replacing the complete roof after a fire or a severe storm. In both instances, you're going to need the help of an experienced roofer.

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Any decent roofing contractor in St Helens should be perfectly able to deal with flat roofing, guttering, fascias and soffits, slating work, sheet roofing, weather resistant fibreboard sheeting, concrete and clay tiling, thatch, bitumen laying and stripping, steel cladding and lead flashings, in addition to various other potential needs. It takes a specialist roofer to understand all of these materials and components since each one has its own special foibles and quirks. This is the reason why it's so important to hire a suitable St Helens roofer for this task.

Any experienced roofer in St Helens will want to look over your roof before any actual work can start. This is essential so they can establish whether they're capable of providing the best service, and give you the standard of workmanship that your roof demands. From this process they are able to discover what the shape and layout of your roof is, what materials are required and if tricky locations are involved. If the roofer doesn't climb up onto the roof and have a look, but simply comes up with a rough estimate from down on the ground, get another roofer.

Roofers St Helens

You need to be alert to a number of UK building regs regarding rooves. The local authorities have to be given no less than 48 hours notice if you're going to be replacing more than a fifty percent of your roof's surface area. You've got to do this if the proposed work is because of the age of the roof, is due to accidental damage or is for cosmetic purposes. If fail to provide this you could be fined as much as £5000, and still have to fork out to have your roof put right if it doesn't satisfy the required standards.

If the roof on your house or office only needs cleaning a local St Helens roofing company will be happy to help with that as well. Regrettably the accumulation of moss, mould and algae on roofs is pretty widespread in Britain, where the temperate and mostly moist climate provides ideal growing conditions. This doesn't only impinge on the appearance of your roof but may also lead to leaks and drips when the weatherproofing is impaired. These kinds of issues could also lead to guttering and drains getting blocked, so keep a lookout and have them dealt with right away.

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For extensions, garages and outbuildings in St Helens Merseyside, flat roofs are an exceedingly fashionable solution at present. The ease and speed of construction and the less expensive price are amongst the main reasons for this. Flat roofs are simpler to access and maintain and there is rarely a need for scaffolding. Flat rooves however, are more liable to seepage as they sometimes suffer a build-up of water which can bring about damages inside the property due to a deterioration in the materials. The materials used in the construction of flat roofing typically have a limited lifespan, with the consequence that to maintain the roof you may need to have them replaced every 10 to 15 years to assure the integrity of the roof.

Inspite of the name, there is still a slight pitch on a flat roof, with the minimum suggested incline being one in forty, this enables excess water to run towards the gutters, and is achieved by using firring strips. There are a number of flat roof specialists in the St Helens area who will be pleased to assist you with a project should you think it's a flat roof that you prefer.

Replacing Flat Roofs St Helens

You'll know that your flat roof needs replacing if it is always leaking and needing endless maintenance. Although a number of sub-standard flat roofs were clearly erected through the extension explosion seen in the Seventies and Eighties, modern day designs using the latest high-tech materials are a great deal more dependable and long lasting. It might be preferable to get a totally new roof installed which you can expect to stay sound for 20 years or more, than to be repeatedly coughing up for costly patch-ups that are not guaranteed to succeed.

Loosened or Damaged Roof Tiles St Helens

The repair or replacement of defective roof tiles is a common reason for hiring a roofer. There are a number of factors can cause roofing tiles to become broken, damaged or dislodged, including falling trees and severe weather conditions. It is wise to check your roof after high winds to make certain all of your roof tiles are still intact. If there is evidence of damage bring in your local roofer and have it seen to straight away. It is less expensive to repair a couple of broken roof tiles now, than to handle the water damage resulting from a leaking roof if you leave it unresolved. The sorts of repairs which may well be required include: cracked slates, dislodged ridge tiles, faulty lead flashings, broken/missing tiles or busted gutters.

Roof Pointing St Helens

The ridge tiles of a sloping roof are held in position with a cement mortar known as roof bedding, and although it has to endure the weather it still ought to last for many years without needing much maintenance. The tiles on the ridge face the impact of the ever shifting weather conditions and have to withstand extreme temperatures of both hot and cold. Ice is the worst enemy and if fractures develop in the mortar bedding, and ice forms inside, there will be big troubles ahead, with sections of bedding breaking off, perhaps resulting in loose tiles and roof leaks. Frequent repointing of the roof bedding helps to maintain the durability and appearance of your roof, and should also help make it stay weatherproof for longer. If you fail to do this you might have to get all the ridge tiles lifted and re-bedded. A flexible pointing material is commonly used nowadays, and this tends to keep the mortar intact as it moves with the changing climate. (Tags: Roof Pointing St Helens, Roof Repointing St Helens, Repointing Roofs St Helens, Roof Bedding St Helens)

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