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Rochdale Roofers: At some time or other all rooves need attention no matter whether it's defective roofing felt, a damaged slate, a leaky thatch or a loose tile. All types of roofs need to be mended and maintained over the years, therefore it matters not what kind of roof you've got on your home, there will always be repair work to do down the road. Roofing work is not for those of a nervous disposition and it is not really a job that you can do on your own if you're a typical homeowner. Aside from anything else it can be quite dangerous clambering round on your roof, therefore its a good idea to bring in some specialist help namely a certified roofing contractor. Such tradesmen are very well accustomed to working at height and have all of the appropriate safety equipment and tools to do the job correctly. You need to work with an established roofing company no matter whether its a smallish repair you need or a whole new roof, as then you can be sure that the job has been accomplished in the right manner. Some homeowners may think it's fine to bring in an odd job man for this, but an expert roofing contractor is undoubtedly the preferred tradesman for work like this.

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All of your roofing requirements can be undertaken by an experienced Rochdale roofing contractor including bitumen stripping and laying, cladding, metal roofing, flat roofing, thatching, concrete and clay tiling, slate work, leadwork, guttering, fascias and soffits and weatherproof fibreboard sheeting. It takes the experience of a specialist roofer to fully understand all these materials and components as each has its own special quirks and foibles. This is the reason why it is so vital to obtain the correct Rochdale roofer for work like this.

Any professional roofer in Rochdale will insist on having a good look at your roof before any work can begin. The thinking behind this is to make sure that the appropriate level of service and craftsmanship can be provided. This roof inspection will show if special materials or components are needed, whether difficult working conditions are involved and what the shape and style of the roof actually is. If your roofing contractor merely looks up at the roof and gives you a hasty estimation of the price from ground level, you need to consider using another roofer, as they should be getting up there and having a proper look.

Roofers Rochdale

Construction work on existing rooves is governed by certain building regulations in Britain. Not less than 2 days notice should be given to the relevant authorities if greater than half of the surface area of the roof is going to be replaced. It does not matter if such work is for cosmetic purposes, is due to accidental damage or is because of the age of the roof. Failure to do this may result in a five thousand pound penalty for the homeowner.

If you don't need to have repair work done to your roof but simply a cleaning service, you'll still be able to fetch in a local Rochdale roofing company. The truth is that moss, algae and mould tends to grow quickly on our roofs in the UK due mostly to the temperate and principally damp climate that we are exposed to. This may lead to complications with the weatherproofing of your roof, possibly causing leaking, and also make your roof's appearance unsightly. Aside from the structure of the roof itself, these problems can also cause issues with blocked drains and gutters.

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Flat Roofs in Rochdale Greater ManchesterFlat roofs are an incredibly popular kind of roof in Rochdale nowadays, particularly for garages, outbuildings and extensions. These are generally quicker and easier to put up and are therefore often a more affordable option. Flat rooves are simpler to gain access to and maintain and there's rarely a need for scaffolding. On the other hand, the materials that are used in flat roofs are more inclined to break down as a result of the increased possibility of water sitting on flat surfaces, therefore they have to be continually maintained. Every ten to fifteen years or so the covering materials used on a flat roof will have to be replaced, because they usually have a limited reliable lifespan.

Inspite of the name, there's still a bit of a slope on flat roofs, with the minimum recommended pitch being 1:40, this allows excess water to run into the gutters, and is usually achieved by using firring strips. There are plenty of flat roof contractors in the Rochdale area who will be eager to assist you with a project should you decide that a flat roof is what need.

Replacing Flat Roofs Rochdale

You will know that your flat roofing needs resealing or changing if it's always leaking and in need of endless repairs. Flat roofs have oftentimes suffered a bad press, however because of modern materials which are readily available nowadays, things have improved greatly since the extension boom of the 1970's and 80's. It is usually best to get a totally new roof installed which should give good service for the next 20 years or more, than to be continually coughing up for costly patch-ups which have no guarantee of achieving success.

Damaged Roof Tiles Rochdale

The repair or replacement of defective roof tiles is a common reason for fetching in a roofing contractor. There are several factors could potentially cause roofing tiles to become broken, damaged or dislodged, including falling trees and windy weather. Following high winds it is sensible to check your roof for loosened tiles or any other type of damages. If damage is evident bring in your local roofing contractor and have it mended right away. When left unattended to loose roof tiles can bring about even more serious issues on the inside of your home when moisture begins to seep through, and that is going to be a lot more costly than simply repairing a broken roof tile. The sorts of repairs that may well be required include: cracked slates, damaged gutters, loosened ridge tiles, broken/missing roof tiles or faulty lead flashings (especially around chimneys).

Roof Thatchers Rochdale

Roof Thatching Rochdale Greater Manchester

Something of a declining profession these days, thatching is the old art of constructing roofs from layers of dried vegetation such as marram grass, reeds, rushes, heather, straw or sedge. The material is closely bundled to make a leak-proof barrier and offer an exceptional degree of insulation. Typically thatching was passed from generation to generation with father teaching son the tricks of the trade. A combination of high cost and less tradesmen to carry out the work has led to a fall in the numbers of thatched roofs, although they remain widely used in lots of rural villages. Those that opt to continue with this old fashioned roofing solution are rewarded with the most appealing of all the roof types. Even though a professionally built thatched roof will generally last for approximately thirty years or so, it needs to be re-ridged after ten years as it is the ridge part that gets the most wear.

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