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Hoddesdon Roofers: It does not matter if the roof on your house in Hoddesdon is metal, tiled, pitched, flat, slated or thatched, sooner or later you will need the expertise of a competent roofer. It might be that you need your entire roof replacing after a storm or similar disaster, or something simple like replacing a cracked ridge tile. In both cases, you are going to need help from a qualified roofer.

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Just about any principled roof contractor in Hoddesdon should be perfectly able to deal with lead flashings, thatch, clay and concrete tiling, slating work, guttering, fascias and soffits, cladding, flat roofing, sheet roofing, waterproof fibreboard sheets and bitumen laying and stripping, along with any other roofing requirements. Only a specialist roofer is able to understand all the special foibles and quirks of these various components. This is the reason why it is so crucial to get a suitable Hoddesdon roofer for this task.

Any experienced roofer in Hoddesdon will need to inspect your roof before any actual work can begin. This is important so that they can establish whether they are capable of providing the very best service, and give you the standard of workmanship you deserve. This roof inspection will show whether difficult working locations are involved, if special materials are needed and what the layout and shape of the roof is. Hasty calculations done from the ground aren't appropriate if you would like a good job done, therefore make sure they actually go up there and take a good look before they make an assessment.

Hoddesdon Roofers

Work on pre-existing rooves is covered by certain building regulations in the UK. A minimum of 2 days notice has to be given to the relevant authorities if greater than half the surface area of the roof is going to be replaced. It doesn't matter if such work is purely for cosmetic purposes, is due to accidental damage or is on account of the age of the roof. Failure to provide this may lead to a £5000 penalty for the property owner.

If you do not need to have repairs done to your roof but would like a cleaning service, you'll still need to get this from a local Hoddesdon roofing company. Alas the proliferation of mould, algae and moss on roofs is pretty commonplace in the British Isles, where our mild and largely wet climate presents conducive growing environment. This can lead to issues with the weatherproofing of your roof, possibly causing leaks, as well as make your roof's appearance unattractive. Apart from the structure of the roof, such issues can also cause problems with blocked rain gutters and drains.

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Flat Roofing Hoddesdon

Flat Roofing HoddesdonFor Hoddesdon properties at present, one of the most popular types of roof, particularly for extensions, garages and outbuildings is the ubiquitous flat roof. The quickness and ease of installation and the less costly price tag are the main reasons for this. Scaffolding is rarely essential for flat roofs and they are generally easier to repair and gain access to. Flat roofs are however, more prone to seepage as they sometimes suffer a build-up of water which can result in damages inside the property due to a degradation in the roofing materials. Since the materials covering flat roofs generally have a somewhat limited life expectancy, to ensure the robustness of the roof, they should be replaced about every 10 to 15 years or so.

Even flat roofs should have a little bit of an incline helping water to run off, and the minimum recommended slope is one in forty, which is usually accomplished using firring strips to avoid the need for a sloped ceiling on the inside of the structure. If it's a flat roof which you decide is best for your requirements, then you'll want to find a local Hoddesdon flat roofing contractor that you can trust to complete the project.

Replacing Flat Roofs Hoddesdon

If you find that your existing flat roofing is leaking and requires incessant maintenance it could be a good time to think about replacing or re-sealing it. While many inferior quality flat roofs were certainly erected in the extension boom of the 70s and 80s, modern roofs using high-tech materials are a lot more dependable and hard wearing. Since repairs to flat roofing can seldom be absolutely guaranteed to resolve the problem, it's quite often a better idea to just have the complete roof replaced with a new one that should stay sound for the next 20 years or more.

Ridge Tiles Hoddesdon

Regrettably a roof's ridge tiles sometimes become loose, and as a result this is among the more frequent factors behind needing roof repairs. This is hardly ever due to an issue with the ridge tiles themselves but more to do with the effects of the weather on the mortar which holds them in place. Apart from the fact that loose ridge tiles can allow water or snow to get into your roof space and home, they're also dangerous, and could fall to the ground when it is windy. If you suspect that some of your ridge tiles have become loose, you need to get in touch with a skilled Hoddesdon roofer to inspect your roof. Obviously what you truly need is a truthful and honest assessment of the issue, for that reason you need to use a trustworthy contractor. In the event of serious degradation it might even be advisable to take off all the ridge tiles and get them snugly re-bedded. If you have a leaking roof but can't see why, it may just be a ridge tile that is cracked in which case replacing one single tile may be all that is required. (Tags: Ridge Tile Replacement, Ridge Tile Repairs, Ridge Tiles Hoddesdon)

Loose or Damaged Roof Tiles Hoddesdon

Damaged or broken roof tiles is probably the most common reasons behind calling out a roofer. Roof components can be damaged in a number of ways, the most frequent being severe weather conditions and falling trees. Storms and wind are definitely the most widespread causes of troubles with roofing tiles, thus it always pays to inspect your roof (if only visually) as soon as possible after a damaging or serious gale. You should really get any problems that you spot repaired immediately, by calling in your local roofer. It is going to be less expensive to fix a broken roof tile now, than to deal with the damage caused by a leaky roof if it is left unattended. A number of problems that fall within the scope of such repairs could be: broken/missing tiles, busted gutters, damaged slates, faulty lead flashings or loose ridge tiles.

Roof Pointing Hoddesdon

The ridge tiles on a sloping roof are fixed in place with a mortar generally known as roof bedding, and though it must withstand exposure to the weather it should still last for many years without needing much maintenance. The constantly changing climatic conditions and extremes of low and high temperatures have a huge impact on the ridge tiles and their associated bedding mortar. The chief enemy of roof bedding is ice, if it get into gaps in the mortar joints it could cause huge problems, breaking off large chunks and affecting the bond with the ridge tiles. Regular repointing of the bedding mortar helps to preserve the longevity and appearance of your roof ridge, and will in addition help it survive and stay sound for much longer. If you do not do this you might need to get all the ridge tiles removed and newly bedded. A flexible pointing compound that actually moves with weather, is commonly utilized on roofs as of late, this helps it to stay sound and free of cracks. For those individuals who're puzzled by what is bedding and what is re-pointing then re-pointing is the additional layer that's spread over the bedding mortar, maximizing the seal and stopping dirt, dust and water from getting in. (Tags: Repointing Roofs, Roof Pointing Hoddesdon, Roof Repointing Hoddesdon, Roof Bedding)

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